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NANCY ENKOJI Garden Work Watercolor
Kelly Bracamontes
nancy Enkoji Jingu House miniature
NANCY ENKOJI Garden Work Watercolor
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Karen Charpie-Elton
Jan Wright
Elizabeth Redmon
Deanna Woirhaye
Frederik van Suchtelen
Carolyn Cunningham
Bradley Woodhull
Cara Gleich
Mike Yokotake.
Larry Scher
Linda Dellazoppa
Kathy Pudelko
Donna Larson
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Trinity Rael Gomez
Rowan Harrison
Louis Rico
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Mike Yokotake
Dover Castle
Glacier Bay
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W E L C O M E  

       Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts


Presenting  "The Masters"

A retrospective presentation of past featured artists throughout the decades


February 21, 22, & 23, 2020

WIX HFFA 60.jpg

Annette Atwood

Armando Baeza

Kelly Bracamontes

Gerald Brommer

Nancy Enkoji

Brad Faegre

Sandra Grassi Nelipovich

Bill Haskell

Suzette Hodnett

Candace J. Metzger

Miss Mindy

Joel Nakamura

Yoshio C. Nakamura

Jon Oakes

Ernest Lacy

LeRoy Schmaltz

Adrian Van Suchtelen

......and 200 more artists!  


60th Hillcrest Postcard.jpg

Important Information 

regarding the 2021 Festival of Fine Arts 


Dear Artists and Friends of the Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts: 

     We are sad to confirm that the Hillcrest Congregational Church Council has determined that we will not present the Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts in 2021. 

     There was a general consensus within our Festival Committee that the Hillcrest Festival is such a multi-faceted event that a virtual version could not do it justice.  It seems we all appreciate seeing the artworks and jewelry in person, enjoying conversations with old (and new) friends, watching the demonstrators create and explain their works, having a meal, listening to the music, and just being in the environment that the church provides for the Festival. 


    The Hillcrest Festival Committee has therefore decided that it will be better to wait until a full Festival will be possible again.

    We thank you for your participation, and especially for your encouragement and mutual support as artists and friends. 

Take care everyone and stay safe!

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NANCY ENKOJI Garden Work Watercolor.jpg
WIX God_Geometer_005.jpg
     Festive Music for the      Soul at Hillcrest Festival