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   For one weekend a year, Hillcrest Congregational Church transforms into an art lover’s paradise filled with Paintings, Sculptures, Fine Art Crafts and other terrific art work.


This year, the church hosted its 60th Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts diamond anniversary, on Feb. 21-23, with the participation of seventeen of its most successful past featured artists, that come together for its celebration; artists such as: 

Annette Atwood, Armando Baeza, Kelly Bracamontes, Gerald Brommer, Nancy Enkoji, Brad Faegre

Sandra Grassi Nelipovich, Bill Haskell, Suzette Hodnett, Candace J. Metzger, Miss Mindy

Joel Nakamura, Yoshio C. Nakamura, Jon Oakes, Ernest Lacy, LeRoy Schmaltz & Adrian Van Suchtelen


   To celebrate this sixtieth anniversary, International artist Joel Nakamura created an original piece of art titled “God Geometer” depicting a diamond radiating light in a cosmic planet surface, looking into the future, a good sign for more celebrations to come. 


   The main exhibit hall featured many impressive pieces of fine art that spotlights the uses of many mediums such as watercolor, ceramics, photography, jewelry, acrylic, bronze and mixed media, just to name a few. Other several artists held demonstrations during the three wonderful days’ event, giving visitors a chance to see them in action; furthermore, artwork was on display outdoors and throughout other halls and galleries of the church.


   The event featured a Children’s Art Studio as well, which gave younger artists the opportunity to showcase their ability. In addition to the fine art pieces, the festival also featured great music during the festivities on three different stages located throughout the premises. 


   Artist Roberto Chávez, who also served as the event’s chairman, has successfully led the Fine Art Festival for the past decade. According to Chávez, producing the yearly event takes a team effort “A whole lot of work is involved,” said Chávez, “It’s all volunteer work, and I cannot take all the credit for myself, lots of great artists, church members including Rev. Paul Clay and community leaders, assist every year on putting it all together, some of them are my mentors who have paved the road for me to take on this amazing task every year.”


   Mr. Chávez said that at least 60-70 volunteers work every year to bring Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts to the community. “


    During the year,” Chávez said.  “We attended museums and exhibits to find new artists; we then have a screening in October.” “This year, we had about 23 new artists participating and joining other 200 plus artist for the celebrations. O


One of the biggest misconceptions some people have, is that this incredible Fine Art exhibition is about religious art, but is not, we are open to numerous artistic visions, talents and interpretation of Fine Art he said".


   Hillcrest Congregational Church & Fine Art Festival, is located at 2000 West Road LA Habra Heights, 90631

(half a mile north on Santa Gertrudes Ave. from Whittwood Town Center).


Come and experience all the great things Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts has to offer during this three-days event.    

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