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Kelly Bracamontes 

     Born in Southern California into a family of artists and creative thinkers, Kelly Bracamonteshas been working in collage for the past 30 years. Among many awards and recognitions, she is the 2016 Purchase Prize Exhibition of Contemporary Art Winner - Chaffey Community Museum of Art recipient. Her Artwork pieces are to be included in the Museum’s Permanent Collection


     She attended Golden West College, Fullerton Junior College and Cal State Fullerton. “ I interned at The Edge Gallery in Fullerton.  While raising my family, I continued to enter local art shows and serve on executive boards of La Habra, and Whittier Art Associations; I am also a member of the Southern California Collage Society. I have continually done torn paper collage work throughout the years and worked on commissions, my artwork is a combination of different styles and subject matter; my work has proved to push me to new levels. I am constantly, inspired by color combinations and creating striking compositions.” 

      Kelly has been on the Chino Hills Arts Committee where she procured local artists to exhibit their work at the Chino Hills Community Center. Furthermore, she’s been exhibiting her collage work and paintings from 2012 through 2017 at  “On A Mission in Claremont”, where she has built a loyal following of collectors from all over the United States and Internationally.  





 Nancy Enkoji

“Objects found on walks in the city find their way into an altarpiece or sculpture.”


      For Nancy Enkojiher artwork is reflective of everyday life, everyday occurrences become the theme for a painting; gardens appear and if it is the year of the Rabbit, rabbits abound. Her drawings and paintings become a visual journal of her likes, dislikes and current passions. 

      The Geisha has become her alter ego. Often misunderstood by western cultures she juxtaposes them into Western life. Instead of the traditional “getas” (traditional Japanese footwear), they turn into cowboy boots; cowboy hats replace traditional headwear and lassos replace fans.  Her favorite baseball players become Samurai warriors, though still swinging swords they also carry their baseball mitts.  Nancy receives much joy incorporating her very modern western lifestyle into a traditional expected world, old worlds full of traditions were grace and charm are for the most part expected. Nancy spends a lot of time laughing as she paints or builds her pieces.


Introducing Fine Art Artist  Bianca Rice 


Bianca Rice 


     In continuing with our tradition of sustaining the Fine Arts in our Community for the past 59 years, inspiring students and young artists in our community, this year we are proud to introduce Fine Art artist Bianca Rice. 


      Bianca Rice  is a landscape and fine art artist that works with both Oils, and Watercolors creating impressive yet serene peaceful landscapes. Bianca’s technique moves quickly with an unapologetically fluidity and conviction, leaving traces of justified color on the canvas for audiences to see and fall in love with. These color movements on the canvas create a sense of freedom capturing the innermost aspects of her personality that began when she was a child. 

                  Bianca Rice attained a MAFA from the University of San Francisco; currently she resides in Ojai, CA, where she continues to be inspired by such a beautiful natural environments of the land that she calls home.